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October 2023

Benjamin Hirasawa selected as 1 of the 10 Impactful Singaporean Real Estate Lawyers to Watch in 2023

The Singaporean market presents a unique array of opportunities when it comes to real estate. Underpinning every success story and great deal, there is often an exceptional legal mind ensuring smooth transactions and risk mitigation. In this dynamic landscape of Singapore’s real estate law sector, certain lawyers stand out for their expertise, innovative acumen, and exceptional track record. Their proficiency in handling acquisitions, divestments, joint developments, and other transactions contributes significantly to the evolution of the industry. Here is a compilation of some of the luminaries in the real estate law landscape in Singapore.

Real estate properties, being tangible assets, come with their unique set of legal challenges. This becomes more complex when transactions cross national boundaries. Furthermore, understanding legalities and complexities becomes vital when handling large scale projects such as structuring investments for private equity funds. Therefore, having an experienced real estate lawyer on your side becomes indispensably critical.

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