Practice Areas

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BH2I’s cohesive core team has decades of experience working together. BH2I has a proven track record of delivering successful, cost-efficient results for clients in the Asia Pacific region and beyond through superior industry knowledge, a carefully cultivated, extensive regional network of partners and affiliates, a thorough understanding of its clients’ businesses and an unwavering commitment to building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Real Estate

BH2I provides a full range of transactional, regulatory, and litigation services to support its real estate clients in all stages of the project development cycle, from the purchase or sale of property and complex due diligence components


BH2I regularly advises its multi-national client base on a variety of corporate activities, including mergers and acquisitions in the hospitality sector and joint venture platforms for foreign investments in assets and business services.

Hospitality & Leisure

BH2I assists with all stages and areas encompassed within the specialized field of hospitality law, including strategic planning, development, disposition, licensing, financing, operating, program and product structuring, and multi-state representation.

Our Partner: Global Legal Services

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The GLS Group delivers innovative, technology-enabled solutions across seven business verticals. GLS partnered with BH2I to offer robust support.


As a member firm of the GLS Group, BH2I and GLS partner to offer robust legal solutions in the real estate, corporate, and hospitality sectors.

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